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Jobscan for Universities includes:

  • Resume and cover letter optimization
  • Tailored recommendations for each job and company ATS
  • Live AI-powered resume editing
  • LinkedIn profile insights and analysis
  • Targeted job recommendations

Save time, boost placement rates, and make student success easier with Jobscan for Universities.

  • Free up time for more 1:1 coaching
  • Empower students to optimize their resumes with easy-to-use tools
  • Increase job placement rates

The student employment cycle is broken

Students are frustrated with an opaque job application process

  • Corporate job listings can get 250 applicants… or more!
  • 98% of Fortune 500 companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
  • Only 30% of job applications are read
  • Only 2% of applicants get interviews

Coaches don’t have the tools to provide the level of guidance they desire

  • Many career advisors are responsible for hundreds of students
  • Short coaching time slots are wasted covering resume basics
  • Coaches can't convince students to tailor their resume

Empower your students to take control of their career


Jobscan improves student job placement

  • 3x more interviews
  • 132% more LinkedIn Profile Views
  • 46% faster time to interview

Jobscan empowers your Career Center

  • 25 minutes saved per student consultation
  • Actionable analytics on skills gaps and job applications
  • Higher-quality applications improve employer relationships
  • Increased student usage of the Career Center
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How Jobscan has helped universities

  • We found that students saw significant results and increased their first-round interviews anywhere from 30-70%...It has become one of the most valuable and effective tools in the career center. The Baylor University Career Center relies on Jobscan to help our students maximize their potential on their résumés and it helps to make our coaching appointments more efficient and productive. Michael Estepp, Director Baylor University Career Center

  • Jobscan’s automated AI-based system has been a game-changer for us by delivering detailed ATS match score analysis and reports to students. Our students now scan and edit their application materials before submission to capitalize on their related skills and career competencies...This is an invaluable tool for the ELCS Coach Team helping us to provide our students and alumni a competitive advantage. Cheryl Minnick, Senior Career Coach, Experiential Learning & Career Success, University of Montana

  • As our students and alumni actively watch their Match Rate increase between their professional branding materials and actual job postings, they gain more clarity in their approach and more confidence in their success. Jobscan Premium’s Power Edit feature itself is a learning tool that increases the digital technology skills of our applicants by guiding them through the process of keyword optimization and ATS formatting preferences. Yas Hardaway, Executive Director of Career Services Graduate School of Education and Psychology Pepperdine University

  • Jobscan has not only increased the number of interviews [students] received but has also given them opportunities to learn more about themselves. Our students have shared stories about how using Jobscan helped them improve their resumes by using relevant keywords based on comparisons to targeted jobs...Given the challenges in the current job market, we are encouraging our students to try Jobscan, whether they are first-time job seekers, seeking advancement, or looking to pivot careers altogether. Abbe Rosenthal, Assistant Director, Executive Coach, Professional Science Master’s Program, Rutgers University

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