Jobscan Premium for Students

Designed for students in their career search to optimize their own applications.

  • Resume and cover letter optimization
  • Tailored recommendations for each job and company ATS
  • Live resume editing (PowerEdit)
  • LinkedIn profile insights and analysis
  • Targeted job recommendations 


Jobscan Coach

Designed for career coaches to support their students.

  • Scan on behalf of students
  • Print analysis for student advising meeting
  • Track usage and manage users
  • Analyze data and create reports


University-Wide Benefits

University packages include significant bulk discounts on student and coach licenses, single-sign on (SAML) implementation options, a branded interface, and premium support. Contact us for pricing.


Join the leaders in the student employment outcomes

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The student employment cycle is broken


Students are frustrated with an opaque job application process

  • Corporate job listings get 250 applicants
  • 98% of Fortune 500 companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
  • Only 30% of job applications are read
  • Only 2% of students get interviews


Coaches don’t have the tools to provide the level of guidance they desire

  • Ratio of coaches to students is 1:2000
  • Short coaching time slots are wasted covering resume basics
  • Coaches can't convince students to tailor their resume


Administrators struggle to make data-driven decisions

  • Lack of visibility into student job applications and preferences
  • Strained employer relationships due to weak student applications
  • Employers require skills beyond what is being taught in the classroom





Jobscan improves student job placement 

  • 3x more interviews
  • 132% more LinkedIn Profile Views
  • 46% faster time to interview


Jobscan empowers your Career Center

  • 25 minutes saved per student consultation
  • Actionable analytics on skills gaps and job applications
  • Higher quality applications improves employer relationships
  • Increased student usage of Career Center





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